Wednesday, June 24, 2009

to many with so little time

i need sleep,i officially look like a panda, a cute one i suppose. Ive been spending all my time with the boys and things to do for myself. i want some thrill and fun. last week Sam Chiew called and told me about her last minute stay in J.W Marriotts it was such bummer i could not possibly join them because i had promise Emir i would come for the farewell dinner and i could not go for last minute sleep overs. There has been to many farewell dinners so far,omg!!! When are they leaving? hahaha i dont want them to leave pls dont leave. the weekend was tiring, work has been torturing me! Its like human labour. I met up with Syed, he always bright me up with his infant smile, met up with the rest oh dear i miss Riri shes always been so adouribly bibo but we love her company. I feel like i wana stop my job or give a break. believe it or not ive still have not complited my driving lesen hahaha. i registerd on 27th of Dec 2008 now its 24 June 2009 my goodness thats long. im so greatfull that Burn Chiew told me tht they are plannin to stay at J.W Marriotts again this weekend "again".yeay!! Im gona have late night request with the Chiew sisters and Etain. I miss those cinas hahaha.


balqis said...

hey babe! saje drop by ur blog.....haha..u bnyk farewell dinners....i pulak bnyk reunion dinners :P
soooo "college life" haha

NAKL said...

haha taw takpe i guess the next time they came back shall be a reunion dinner,lunch and breakfast hahaha
ur starting class soon rite?

syed said...

the last minute sleep over tu ble???