Monday, August 18, 2008

monday with the couple. elis and don. its all about marissa

its was from 9.30am till 5pm. its long aite. haha, but super fun i met a new little friend and her name is marissa. i think she is much funner then elis the sister hahaha.she is so tembam and super adorable. she love me more then don.sorry don. i had my snack plate after so long and elis finally finish a meal and that really brighten ups my day. we deffinetly did our akaun document okay. we watch made of honour. then marissa woke up from her petang nap. and me,don and marissa play with her masak masak toys. we mad a whole lot of mess tho. haha me,don and marissa tried to run away from cleaning up the mess. but elis ask us to clean up at the end. we all had sugary donuts at the end of the day and ariffrazin join us for makan petang at elis's. wet to binjai to meet up with the family. thanks elis,marissa and don. love u three

weekends pics

in the car with the love ones

Friday, August 15, 2008

im smilling again

i had a whole basket of fun at bernardine's place yesterday with none other then my diamond herself, delia my love and vinod my sweetheart. then later etain,shihonn and jason came in a surprise. we all adore dine's pets. beans the dog and pancake/kitty the kitten. except for vinod he hates cats haha. dine and etain had a little girly talk and i end up joining abit letter.we had our diner at padang kota. me,delia and dine tapau. ilove my kuatiow. at the vinod had to back bcause of the mom. chichat all nite.

at ten me and delia chow.

love u dine,del,v and etain

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

in ur face nasional service

i am not listed in plkn


i may not look confuse but the only thing i am sure is that i am confuse alright no doubt about it.i can't be sure about anything anymore lately.probably its a problem for some when it comes of not knowing which to choose, but for me the worst and terrible is not knowing what i want out of things anymore. i feel so aimless and out of place. im not a sure why do i even bother and care. why do i even laugh at jokes. probably thats just plain me. im nice to nice to a matter infact. i keep on reminding myself to be nice but remember dont hope for anything in return if i do so. i need to have faith in something i need to have faith in ALLAH again. i need to push my own limits. i need to stop planing and be much realistic. ive been dreaming and hoping and again it sucks. if people ask me who and what do i love? crap i have no idea. seriously. im as blank as a new and unwritted a4 paper.

no worries i still love u people u know who u are

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

friday .spent my whole petang and malam with vinud.bernardine and sam after bm class ofcourse

the devil and the gangstar
we both had a really serious talk yet laughing our ass off
the other devil