Sunday, December 14, 2008

fin nal ly

hey pukis and pukets haha. yes i am finally updating my blog after so long. the alasan at first it was because of spm, now i have no reason to not update it so here we go love its gona be a long one. as u know me i am not a blogger nor reader so ill update u about what lights me up so far. i cant believe i am graduated from school already and i wont be looking forward to wear my white baju kurung top with a blue skirt no more. honestly i do feel pretty aimless, i might be hunting for a job soon after new year need some cash to survive u know, mum doesnt want to tanggung her big spender daughter naomi anymore hahaha. i have been spending way to much time'o with my lovely boys, elis and sya during my endless cuti sekolah, they make me feel so loved and appreciated. well i really need to spend time with etain,vinod and bernardine pulak i miss them 3 very much. oh yoko ill ring u soon okay.

list of things to do:
  • go to sri amans prom tomorow
  • dye my hair red
  • get my license done
  • spend quality time with mom
  • meet up with yoko,steph,bernardine,delia,vinod and so much more. [imissthem okay]
  • oh and shireen,teera,teere and sha tooo
  • go to port dickson for christmas with uncle derek
  • send syahira kordy off for national service
  • newyear with love ones
  • get a bloody job after newyear
  • meet up with thira and listen to her about her trip to new york city
  • decide over what am i suppose to do my life[further my studies]
  • pirce my tounge or my nose
  • and it goes on till the day the result comes out. sigh

honestly peeps im scared of changes and seing myself grow up. i scared of people tht i adore so much slide away slowly as we grow, as we all have other things to look forward. im not saying i will not, im sure i will and i will not deny. im just a afraid. i dont want to move to kelana jaya. i want to remain here in my sweet bandar utama.

while lovelife in the other hand . sigh. as i learn to move on and continue the straight rought road, somebody i wants knew came back, i am out of words,so confuse, its like i rather be just like this as where im standing and not go anywhere because of how scared i was to go back to that edge and fall for him again. evrything he does, evryword he say are like venom that would just kill and i would lose it to him once again.i am not in the mood of relationship.

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