Monday, April 13, 2009

my diamond Liyana azmi wrote this

NAOMI my partner in crimes

budak paling gila..
paling horny *but just with me*.
paling bnyk talk nonsense
paling bnyk annoy ppl *just like me*
okayh basically we are alike
partner in crimes like all the way
we do stupid stuff together
like for example..

- we kissed
-we mandi berkemban together
-we scrub each other
-we sneak out and straight go for a jogg but end up at centre point * time i used to stay in BU*
-we talk shit bout teachers
-we did a bubble gum kiss

she is the most cheerfull person ive ever seen..

she talks alot just like me..

she loves to squick!

OUH!!! and she do this freakin strange noise when i poke her ;) * MY FAVORITE SOUND INDEED*

and she loves to call me citat ahaha
well im her bitch and she's mine
fuck off bustards ;D
more about her?? hurmm
we met since we were in primary schoolthen we moved to secondary and so we went on our own seperate ways,,but fate told us that we should meet up again *form 3*she moved to smk bandar utama 4 and there we start to share evrything,we love to talk about bullshits she also as i said is crazy and wacky and CRACK BABY CRACK!.. as for my birthday and also don's she bought us falvoured condoms XDdurian falvoured for don nazzim and strawberry for me,how sweet but mine is still unused.. dont ask about don's ;Dget straight to the pointNAOMI AUNI anak AZIZ is my favorite silly fucking stupid bitch in the whole world!

love you =)

i feel like i can do anything with this girl
love u bodoh