Saturday, March 28, 2009

sunburst.matahari meletup. was a blast. 2009

there was tones rumours that came out about sunburst, over the list of performance that were suppose to come or expected to come. people got upset on how it would be and how it would not be as better as last years sunburst 2008. i had tones doubts over 'should i go or not?' just by listening to all this judge mental thoughts of theirs [the group people who did not go]. i swear i had really really high hopes for coldplay and radiohead to come, but it honestly sounded to damn good to be true as coldplay had recently won 3 Grammys, and i would say to myself forget it. once they annoced that NERD is coming,i am back on track.yes i am a fan of em, i find Pharrel William is the hottest african american next to u all know i am also i huge fan of Nidji. i was one of the early birds that bought the ticket at the price of rm143. its a risk i know, if anything turn out bad, it will be a burn off just like tht. they were tellin me to sell it because i was doubting as i heard about all this rumours, Pharrel is not coming la, tak jadi la, its gona turn out badly la, macam macam seriously.

21th of march 2009 [saturday]
I start it of at 4.30 am met with Normah, and she worn this stunning bright dress that was perfectly worn by her.hahaha Normah ketat giler, then joined Edy for some Estella. Ariff anak ustat came by to say hi!. Liyana the lead singer has a excellent voice and good looks, Estella are known for their jazzy and meaningful songs that can be related to fans. a good start huh?

the weather was excellent but yeah u can still feel the sweat coming out, its an outing event in malaysia "what do u expect?". sitting on the grass endlessly around each other.feels really relaxing. i met 3 new people that was with me the whole entire day, not randomly ofcourse but through normah and the rest.they are Afiq,Azani and Raisa.they are so super humble and funn people to be around with. Guess how old is Raisa she is the one beside me in the picture that is wearing a vest? RAISA is twelve!!!!!!

in the picture it would be a blast without all of em;ICE,AFIQ,AZANI,YUNUS,RAISA tq.

NIDJI was spectacular.
We were all upclose infront of the stage, they gave their all, fully energatic. The lead singer knows very well to entertained us Malaysian with their catchy songs that was sang that nite. i was jumping and dancing like nuts during the performances untill i couldnt feel my kaki anymore it hurts wei. Giring the lead singer is a hotty, his hot seriously people. his voice is even hotter. i have always wanted to catch them live and so i did. im puas.


it was one after another nonestop. its was fun but tiring i swear. N.E.R.D was so full with sweaty people and it was packed like seriously. if it wasnt for Yuki and Marco i would not survive by getting out alive. thank u guys. we were all lip singing the whole time, we could dance to the performance as it was packed, no space at all. Pharrell Williams is hot and sweaty yet muscular, when he sang the second song, it stopped as he was distracted by what was happening at the front side of the audience. they were pushing out of the crowd by the photographers. Pharrell literally swear at them and was asked to not disturb his fans as they had pay to watch N.E.R.D live. the fans went wild by clamping and screaming their name, after his reaction towards the photographers. The last performance by them were Nobody nose, it was a good ending towards a damn good performance by N.E.R.D.

naomi, marco and yuki.
i skipped KORN, i was tired my feet was horribly painful . sunburst is more likely feetburst.
hahaha. end up catching Maliq d'sential with Normah and Ice. Then all of us including my brother,ice,normah,yunus,aisar and edy headed to Silent Disco, it looks pretty dumb from outside but we had a blast from day to nite. but we couldnt stop dancing with a huge headphone on ur head.It was great as i was surrounded with good music and good friends ,new and old. i love tht feeling getting naturally high on live music and lovely people.

normah,ice,me,normah firend and edy.ontop is noah and yunus

Friday, March 27, 2009

all that i know im still breathing and i want to change the world

This song is so amazing. The rendition is so simple yet honest and creates a heartfelt string of moments that blow you away to reveal your core. Also I heard that her voice is completely natural; she is not a trained singer, hence her internal vocal and spiritual, holistic, emotional experience flowing out in waves so powerful that they envelope your very being, as you travel that heartbroken spiralling path she takes, through all the pain and ecstatic happiness she felt inside...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


i want this so badly
and im sorry for myself as it cost rm3000
i shall wait for a person to buy it for me or my first pay check that i receive after college
OR a fake A version one from BANGKOK
gaga i want it

Monday, March 9, 2009

it hurts coming from you