Saturday, September 6, 2008

i want this whole collection so badly

Friday, September 5, 2008

pooring rain

im dying to know. how are u? are u okay? hows evrything?im wondering am i the only one that wonders about all this such things.why should i bother. i dont think he cares. he doesnt care anymore and he doesnt need to know about me anymore, for him, he just stops caring and bother. i wonder if he went through the same missery i did. i would love to see that myself. dont ever wonder and blame me for caring about u because i cant stop it, i never hate the people i once love. you shouldnt either. I did so much for u and i get nothing. i hate hoping.u gave me all the faith and hope in the world and u torn it all apart.without any simpathy towards me. i just dont want to know u anymore. i really want us to be strangers to one another for evrytime i look at u,for evry flashback i ever had about us and for evrytime i say ur look so easy for u but why couldnt i go through it.that is how cruel life could be. i dont hate u i nvr did. but dont blame me. dont blame me over how u can do it but i cant. im doin evrything i can to erase YOU. as foolish as i can be im learning. im not regretting except for the part, i returned to u. You couldnt even face me and look at me like a real man. i feel much manlier than u. live ur life like it is. im not like u. ive always care. u just dont need it from me.i will never stop caring about u. it hurts it really does.

Monday, September 1, 2008