Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the nite out with the boys.i suppose.

redbox. careless. pictures.

i kissed a girl.sorry don

aida dearest
my diamond shireen
oh harry
amir n manhong. endless singing

dear cousin.atiqah vain moments
family photo

Sunday, July 27, 2008

careless bday celebration

it was on 18 of july last firday. i wanted to get the vip room but unfortunetly all the vip room was on they gave me the largest room of all room 22.syahira kordy and ashraf was the first to come at 2.30 and by 2.45 it was bloody pack hahaha. im sorry guys it was quite disastress. but they were having a jolly good time except for some that did not sing at all. amir and don present me the most sweetest give it even smells like apples. not forgettin syahira she make me a scrap book fill with photos of both of us and it came aloong with a pencil case. that is currently using by me now. syahira the present u gave me its so lovely and great,im having trouble of finding u a present for u next month. after awhile there was a drama that i got worried but i found out later i got worried over was all false and lies. the people that came i just wana say thank you so much. i appreciate it as high as the tower of klcc. i love u alll.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

bday wif family

its was 8th of july. it took me so longgggg to update this. freakin 17 wth ive always dream of reaching 17 when i was in form 1 and i actually did. so what now. now i feel old.
it was so simple yet unforgettable i swear less is more especially from my family. i receive want i wanted hahaha. ilove u all o'so much especially u mama.

Monday, July 14, 2008


"we hope against all logic,like children we never give up hope"

I hate hoping.hope sucks. hoping for fate sucks. it let u down most of the times. eventho im saying this now i still hope for things no matter what. life is like that. u attend to hope against all logic. thinking 'yeah maybe,probably or hopefully' but it lets u down most of the time.seriously.its hurtful but theres nothing that can be done. human will and still would hope just to make them feel good in a short period of time and worry free. thinking something great and wonderful would come their way through. for once. we are all denials over everything that we care and love. we couldnt face the fact and the truth that life make us put through.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

happy birthday ME!

dear love ones
thank u for all the warming wishes
i appreciate it o'so much
i feel so loved and greatful to have u gorgeous people around.

7th july. athira ramlee

iloveher. we never fail to celebrate it together. u'r one age older. one bday date earlier then me
u are full with fun and joy yet still bright and gorgeous. a cousin that is most cherish and loved by me. hahaha
love u
athira ramlee

5th july on saturday nite. surprise advance bday nite outing.

the one that came that nite: bernardine ariffrazin vinod delia etain shihonn cong aizat syafiq harez bahrain mingda su'en jason
don amir and harry

it was a fantastic nite i had uber fun. eventho i didnt really feel so bday afterall cuz it wasnt my real bday date actually on tht nite. it was at CURVE. it started out with sushi at SAKAE SUSHI.OH GOD i love tht place i had my fave sushi EBI with a smile on my face. haha some of them weren't eating at all. the alasan 'SUDAH MAKAN' YEYE. oh gosh people fine a better alasan then tht pls haha. bernardine ariffrazin etain shihonn cong and me were eating,and we left sakae sushi with a happy stomach hahaha. end up joining bahrain and the rest for shisha at EMPRESS CAFE. im tellin u bahrain makes me laugh the heck out of the end we were so aimless jalan jalan here and there like no body business. we end up back to EMPRESS CAFE with another shisha haha. i was quite upset at first because of my two dear boys, amir and don weren't around, but they tried theyre very best i swear. they show up at the end of the nite eventho i was about to go back already.

delia azhari

marzia mazlan.
the gals with dato' v
the family
burper and digger

thank to all of u guys. u people are very dear to me.

love naomi