Sunday, December 14, 2008

fin nal ly

hey pukis and pukets haha. yes i am finally updating my blog after so long. the alasan at first it was because of spm, now i have no reason to not update it so here we go love its gona be a long one. as u know me i am not a blogger nor reader so ill update u about what lights me up so far. i cant believe i am graduated from school already and i wont be looking forward to wear my white baju kurung top with a blue skirt no more. honestly i do feel pretty aimless, i might be hunting for a job soon after new year need some cash to survive u know, mum doesnt want to tanggung her big spender daughter naomi anymore hahaha. i have been spending way to much time'o with my lovely boys, elis and sya during my endless cuti sekolah, they make me feel so loved and appreciated. well i really need to spend time with etain,vinod and bernardine pulak i miss them 3 very much. oh yoko ill ring u soon okay.

list of things to do:
  • go to sri amans prom tomorow
  • dye my hair red
  • get my license done
  • spend quality time with mom
  • meet up with yoko,steph,bernardine,delia,vinod and so much more. [imissthem okay]
  • oh and shireen,teera,teere and sha tooo
  • go to port dickson for christmas with uncle derek
  • send syahira kordy off for national service
  • newyear with love ones
  • get a bloody job after newyear
  • meet up with thira and listen to her about her trip to new york city
  • decide over what am i suppose to do my life[further my studies]
  • pirce my tounge or my nose
  • and it goes on till the day the result comes out. sigh

honestly peeps im scared of changes and seing myself grow up. i scared of people tht i adore so much slide away slowly as we grow, as we all have other things to look forward. im not saying i will not, im sure i will and i will not deny. im just a afraid. i dont want to move to kelana jaya. i want to remain here in my sweet bandar utama.

while lovelife in the other hand . sigh. as i learn to move on and continue the straight rought road, somebody i wants knew came back, i am out of words,so confuse, its like i rather be just like this as where im standing and not go anywhere because of how scared i was to go back to that edge and fall for him again. evrything he does, evryword he say are like venom that would just kill and i would lose it to him once again.i am not in the mood of relationship.

postsecret of the day;

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Finally An End To My Waiting Missery Of KAMI

If you haven't seen a lot of Malaysian movies, you're really not missing much. A lot of local movies suck to high heaven. Very rarely, though, you get a decent flick and your faith in Malaysian cinema gets restored.

If you were a fan of the KAMI series showing on 8TV, then you’ll find the movie to be just as entertaining. Fuelled by teen angst, self-doubt, peer pressure and relationships, this story–which is communicated in both Malay and English–centres around four best friends dealing with life's hardships and overcoming them. It debuted in Malaysian cinemas on the first day of Hari Raya this month.
The movie picks up from where the TV series left off, in which Abu (Nas Muammar) pulls off his “prison break” from a juvenile centre to meet up with Ali (Syarul Ezani), Lyn (Liyana Jasmay), Adii (Ani Zayanah) and Sofie (Juliana Sophie Evans) who are, by the way, done with high school. The kids celebrate the end of formal education by sneaking out at night for gigs, gatecrashing parties, and having run-ins with a drug dealer and the authorities. Local bands such as Plague Of Happiness, Meet Uncle Hussain (they're even featured in the movie), Bittersweet and Hujan contribute a number of songs to the soundtrack, making the foursome’s exploits all the more appealing.
Directors Effendee Mazlan and Farina Azlina Isahak, the same people behind hit series Gol & Gincu, have done pretty well with KAMI: The Movie, plucking out a talented cast who each bring an authentically heartfelt and endearing personality to their characters, and possess none of the “forced acting” apparent in most local productions.

Its an end to my o'so long wait to this movie.ON WEDNESDAY.Spared some of my busy time with Syahira.Amir.Elis.Don and Emir at gsc after school.And yes with baju sekolah. ill be missing my baju sekolah as this year shall be my last as an adolescent in sekolah menengah. When we all watched the rest were all so bengong and lost because they have never followed KAMI the series last year before .The only one who actually is and am a dearful fan was me and syahira.We had to explain a couple of things to them but we dont mind. During the movie i felt so touch,loved and warm by the cast Adii,Lyn,Sofie,Ali and my mcsteamy in KAMI Abu[it reminds me of last year as i felt so related to this independent film i noticed the movie is more to Lyn,Ali and Abu as their problem,past and habits came back to haunt them.Believe it or not i end up crying at the end. is the most heartbreaking and loya buruk'ess way of dying as Abu's character in KAMI. IT WAS AWESOME AND SAD.

KAMI.makes me feel shows tht adolescent life is not all smile and laughter after all.

theres always the shame and crying moments that we all go through.

it makes me feel that i am not the only one who goes through crappy pain and yet

we sober it up with friends doing fun and crazy things

that would makes us laugh,cranked up and feel good.

as kids we grow up to keep are mind full with pain and lovable

memories to learn and remind us.

because that is all we get in life.

we are reminded and though to do right things, well that have never stop any of us youngsters.

For me friendship is family.they never fail to let u down and make u feel crappy

they can create pain,what is a relationship between friends without it.

u go through it by forgive and forget.

we attend to keep secretes dark and shamful onces. but one way or another it will be burst.

but we attend to go through the problems together.

as we know



Saturday, September 6, 2008

i want this whole collection so badly

Friday, September 5, 2008

pooring rain

im dying to know. how are u? are u okay? hows evrything?im wondering am i the only one that wonders about all this such things.why should i bother. i dont think he cares. he doesnt care anymore and he doesnt need to know about me anymore, for him, he just stops caring and bother. i wonder if he went through the same missery i did. i would love to see that myself. dont ever wonder and blame me for caring about u because i cant stop it, i never hate the people i once love. you shouldnt either. I did so much for u and i get nothing. i hate hoping.u gave me all the faith and hope in the world and u torn it all apart.without any simpathy towards me. i just dont want to know u anymore. i really want us to be strangers to one another for evrytime i look at u,for evry flashback i ever had about us and for evrytime i say ur look so easy for u but why couldnt i go through it.that is how cruel life could be. i dont hate u i nvr did. but dont blame me. dont blame me over how u can do it but i cant. im doin evrything i can to erase YOU. as foolish as i can be im learning. im not regretting except for the part, i returned to u. You couldnt even face me and look at me like a real man. i feel much manlier than u. live ur life like it is. im not like u. ive always care. u just dont need it from me.i will never stop caring about u. it hurts it really does.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

monday with the couple. elis and don. its all about marissa

its was from 9.30am till 5pm. its long aite. haha, but super fun i met a new little friend and her name is marissa. i think she is much funner then elis the sister hahaha.she is so tembam and super adorable. she love me more then don.sorry don. i had my snack plate after so long and elis finally finish a meal and that really brighten ups my day. we deffinetly did our akaun document okay. we watch made of honour. then marissa woke up from her petang nap. and me,don and marissa play with her masak masak toys. we mad a whole lot of mess tho. haha me,don and marissa tried to run away from cleaning up the mess. but elis ask us to clean up at the end. we all had sugary donuts at the end of the day and ariffrazin join us for makan petang at elis's. wet to binjai to meet up with the family. thanks elis,marissa and don. love u three

weekends pics

in the car with the love ones

Friday, August 15, 2008

im smilling again

i had a whole basket of fun at bernardine's place yesterday with none other then my diamond herself, delia my love and vinod my sweetheart. then later etain,shihonn and jason came in a surprise. we all adore dine's pets. beans the dog and pancake/kitty the kitten. except for vinod he hates cats haha. dine and etain had a little girly talk and i end up joining abit letter.we had our diner at padang kota. me,delia and dine tapau. ilove my kuatiow. at the vinod had to back bcause of the mom. chichat all nite.

at ten me and delia chow.

love u dine,del,v and etain

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

in ur face nasional service

i am not listed in plkn


i may not look confuse but the only thing i am sure is that i am confuse alright no doubt about it.i can't be sure about anything anymore lately.probably its a problem for some when it comes of not knowing which to choose, but for me the worst and terrible is not knowing what i want out of things anymore. i feel so aimless and out of place. im not a sure why do i even bother and care. why do i even laugh at jokes. probably thats just plain me. im nice to nice to a matter infact. i keep on reminding myself to be nice but remember dont hope for anything in return if i do so. i need to have faith in something i need to have faith in ALLAH again. i need to push my own limits. i need to stop planing and be much realistic. ive been dreaming and hoping and again it sucks. if people ask me who and what do i love? crap i have no idea. seriously. im as blank as a new and unwritted a4 paper.

no worries i still love u people u know who u are

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

friday .spent my whole petang and malam with vinud.bernardine and sam after bm class ofcourse

the devil and the gangstar
we both had a really serious talk yet laughing our ass off
the other devil