Thursday, August 27, 2009

the wind blows

i am sorry for not updating my blog for ages. im such douched as you can see i have only updated my self on twitter and fb. Anyway, i am gossip-less. what are there to be posted anyway.
heres the update on me, so far. My Beautiful Chocolate Man Andrew Gatsi had to fly off to Ireland permanently as he had received an offer to be schooled there but he still is continuing in taking ADP American Degree Programe. it was a sad farewell. a brother, a friend and the one who ive always look up on. i shall always treasure. as a friend that have only knew him since early this year, i felt overwhelm by him on how far he had grew in my life and memories. the time ive knew him is very little but the greatness of the person in a away he affects me and my family. is a beautiful friendship and his a keeper. hoping to see you soon next year, on our up coming holliday. Hampoo poo misses you. Love you syg.

so yeah lots more. but you know the deal. why kepoh right!! back to college after a month of cuti.
two subject that i am taking now is chemistry and public speaking. hold up!! chem? yes people chemistry, god knows!! how am i going to deal with this douche subject. Public speaking is all about talking i am good at that so i better get an A'. This month is fasting month, my fave month of the year. it has been 6 days of me not fasting because "Aunt Irma is visiting and shes being a bitch" (a girl thing la). But it has been awfully quite since my mom left for her job in Bajamasin, Indonesia for the whole month of Ramadhan. i am not to glad about it at all. i miss her so much i could cry and think of her every second.
nothing in this lifestyle can stay the same, it revolves around changess. its hard to get on thru. but theres nothing that can be done. you just have to fit in.