Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gay bestfriend in need asap. call me

ive been real u can tell with all my status in facebook and my twits from twitter.there has been a reason for my "kesibokan" okay. ive been missing this person very much so ive to think straight, i cant have it all kan and it would be awkward to make him fulfill my needs of wanting him to be around. so with all this ''kesibokan'' of mine i need gay people around me, their fun and cheerful. im so shadow-y lately so dark with my new eye-liner and all. i need gays to make me gayer.not looking forward in dating and or meeting anybody that is interested.

my gay friend
- has to be a guy
-very stylish
- not to girly nor gedik
-listen to my moody talks and i would listen to his moody talks too.
-a busket full of sunshine.
-cant hit on any of my guy friends or scare them away.

Katty Perry's gay bff Markus Molinari

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