Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Naomi is proud!!!

i am so proud of the Blitzerz!!! the girls really gave their all and pow!!! they are the Cheer 09 Champion. I was not around to support, but i have been and always be a fan Blitzerz.the tough times they go through to reach where they are. Yet, I feel really proud anyways! They make me feel like doing a split and cheer aimlessly for nothing. i still got to see it on youtube anyway, and i get to watch it over and over again.the stunts done by them were awesome, the song played for the entire performance was just perfect. and i love the makeup at the side of their faces. Delia sayang im so proud of you it is ur first year in Blitzerz and immediately u got to taste the sweet taste of being the champion of cheer 09. i think u memang Ong La Delia haha.its easy to spot her in the picture shes the god damn tall one haha. im sorry i could not come nor reply to ur sms.im using my 019 la makcik. i miss u Del.

she is such a vain pout in the crowd. spot delia!!!haha

watch the video!!!

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